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Fill your life with fragrance

My Story

My name is Julie Cooney – this is my Scentsy Story – thanks in advance for stopping by!

For as long as I can remember I have always been a lover of candles. In my room, in my washroom, in my living room, even in the home office. I just love the fragrance throughout the home. I love when guests come for a visit and are greeted with a fresh yummy fragrance.

February 2013 my first grandson was born and he too LOVED my candles, all for the WRONG reasons! He was attracted to the flame and often would try to touch, I found it very scary and was forced to put my candles away each time he would visit.

In November 2013, I was out at a vendor show (girls night out) and was introduced to Scentsy for the first time and immediately I FELL IN LOVE!!! All the joy of my candles, without any of the dangers – it was like Scentsy was made for me AND my grandbaby!!!

Right then I knew – I even told my girlfriends that same night – I gotta get me some of this stuff!! Within a week, I had contacted my Sponsor about 5 different times with all of my questions and after hearing how AMAZING Scentsy was – PLUS I had the opportunity to get a discount on my own products – I decided I was going to get the kit for myself – then I would have one of every scent they offered and I would be able to pick out all my faves! They made it all so simply – I went onto her website, clicked to join and my kit arrived just days later!

After starting to share what I did with my friends and fam jam – they all seemed to know exactly what Scentsy was and how amazing it was and said they would just buy from me! Before I knew it I had a little customer base, then a friend said she wanted a kit too and so I started my own little team – it kind of just blossomed from there!

Since joining the Scentsy Family and realizing what an amazing business this really is I have met some AMAZING people, traveled St. Louis, LasVagas, Graceland, Nashville, have had the chance to try the rest of Scentsy’s amazing product line – I have fallen in love with the laundry line and many of our cleaning products, I have developed my customer base (this product sells itself – people truly love Scentsy), started slowly growing my team AND have come to the realization that this company CAN be my future!

Scentsy Family has so much to offer, I have grown so much with this business, although it seemed like Scentsy was made JUST for me and my grandson in the beginning, the more I get to know this company the clearer it becomes that Scentsy Family has something for EVERYONE! Whether you are a career business woman like myself, a stay at home mom, a full-time student looking for a little extra cash or just looking for a second income to contribute to your family - Scentsy has something for you!

One of the best decisions I have made in a very long time - this business IS LIFE CHANGING!!!!